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lecture: LoraLight

LoraWan puts the big telco's first, we react

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LoraWan, the communication protocol on top of Lora is being developed and pushed by the Lora Alliance. If you have enough money, you may join the party. But how does this protocol work, what do you need to get started yourself? And why does it favor the big telco's out there? This will be discussed, together with a proposal for an open, simpler and balanced protocol for everybody to use.

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Since Semtech invented the Lora radio transmission technique, which made low energy, low bandwidth, long range air communication possible, a new IoT hype seems to be spreading out over the world. Indeed it becomes possible to communicate with battery driven devices over several kilometers distance. Telecom providers rushed to be in the front line of development as open private initiatives arose, such as The Things Network in the Netherlands.
However, together with the spread spectrum technique Lora came a communication protocol, called LoraWan, that all devices 'should' be using. The design of this protocol takes place in secret corners of the world, and only parties with deep pockets are allowed to sit at the table where the decisions are made.
Furthermore, the design favors the big telco companies out there. In this presentation we will show how the protocol works under the hood and which problems come along when you want to make use of it in your private setup.
We also discuss the cryptography that is being used, and the implications of that when building your own infrastructure. We conclude with a proposal for an open, simpler and balanced protocol for everybody to use. The design philosophy of this protocol is that everyone can be an operator and every operator is treated on equal footing.


Day: 2017-08-07
Start time: 13:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: Pa
Track: Curated by SHA2017



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